Gun Shop and Ammo in Mims

Firearms, Hunting Rifles, New & Used Guns

We buy, sell and trade guns here at D&E Outdoors. Firearms, ammo, cleaning kits, magazines, cases, safes and more. Come check out our extensive selection.

We Buy, Sell & Trade Guns

We get new guns delivered almost everyday. We always have a huge amount of ammo on order and receive new shipments throughout the week. If we don’t have it today, we might have it tomorrow! Our staff of hunting and shooting enthusiasts are not only knowledgeable, they want to share their passion for guns with you. If you want to trade in that 7mm for a 308 Winchester to hunt Florida White Tail or maybe the full size 1911 is a bit too big for your conceal carry. Come talk to us. We can help you find a gun you absolutely love.

Gun Safes, Gun Holsters & Accessories

From full size Liberty Gun Safes to ankle holsters we have a magnitude of gun accessories here at D&E Outdoors in Mims! Full size hunting rifle cases, gun cleaning kits, magazines, multiple sizes and types of holsters, targets, hunting feeders, decoys, calls and more. Need some black gunpowder? We have that too! Call us anytime to see if we have the ammo you need in stock. If not, let us see if we can order the ammo you need.

All of your Firearm Needs

  • Ammo
  • Black Powder
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Magazines
  • Gun Cases
  • Gun Safes
  • Holsters
  • New & Used Firearms
  • Targets
  • Hunting Accessories
  • Sell Your Gun
  • Trade Your Gun
  • Get a Gun Transfer Here
  • Transfer to Another Dealer

At D&E Outdoors we buy guns and trade guns. If you are simply unhappy with your gun and want a new one; come on in and see if we have the perfect fit for you. If not, let us help you find one!

Right here at D&E Outdoors. If you purchased from another dealer and would like to pick it up close to home here in Mims, give us a call and let us transfer from the other dealer to here.

Absolutely! Not only can we receive gun transfers to our store, we can transfer your gun to another dealer closer to your home if you don’t live here in Mims.

Head inside True Value, turn right after you walk through the front doors and head to the entrance you can see below!